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helloallthefandoms asked: Hi there. I'm a stage manager, who is currently in her off season and going through serious show withdrawal. thank you so so so much for creating such a wonderful blog to help me get to October, when i can FINALLY start working on shows again! (tumblr was being mean to me and said I wasn't following you long enough to send fan mail but whatever I improvised)


Anonymous asked: I go to a performing arts high school, and in English class, we were reading Romeo and Juliet. There were only 2 theater majors in my class (I was one of them). I was Romeo and the other girl was Juliet. We rocked the scene. But, this writing major comes out of nowhere and is like "Just because you're theater majors, doesn't mean that you have to be all dramatic, just read like normal people.." Me and the other girl couldn't find a bitch face severe enough to express our annoyance at this pleb

someone said that to me once too 

I was like